Thursday, April 22, 2004

Went to work and spent an extra hour there until my relief showed up. When I opened the door for him, I had this big grin on my face and said, "Now I can go home!" Then one of the receptionists said, "Oh, that's why you're so happy to see him. I thought there was something going on between you two." We were like, uhhhh ok. Some people were saying stuff like that during the scribe open house, but I think it's just cause the most recent intra-office romance is still on their mind (I wasn't involved in that or anything, but you get what I mean). But no, there's nothing going on between us. I'm a professional. I got my work schedule for May. I'm working 8 days, 13 shifts. That's 13x5x10=$650 in May alone. Awesome!

On : 4/22/2004 11:57:32 PM Omair (www) said:

oh you're so smart maryam. i wish i could make good grades like you ah well. keep up the good work!