Saturday, February 28, 2004

I went to The Cheesecake Factory today for lunch with a couple friends. It was sort of a mini-birthday party since my birthday's on Sunday. I was surprised when one of them handed me a card that had been signed my them as well as some other of my friends. It was so sweet of them. I really do have awesome friends. I really feel that I can trust them and that they'll care about me no matter what. While I was there I took some pictures with my phone. I went ahead and inputted the girls' email addresses so that I could send the pictures to them while we were still in the restaurant. Once I did that, I got picture phone crazy and started uploading a whole bunch of pictures. I then logged onto the Sprint PCS website and organized my pictures into albums and started emailing them all over the place. It was great because now I can take all the pictures I want without filling up my phone's memory as long as I upload them. And I can still see them on my phone when they're uploaded, so I can still retain portability. If any of y'all want me to email you some pictures, just let me know. It's so easy, and I can even send it to your cell phone. Whoever thought of this camera-in-the-phone thing was a genius!

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