Sunday, February 01, 2004

I rediscovered Electric Light Orchestra's "Mr. Blue Sky." It truly is a masterpiece that was buried under a myriad of mp3 files in my computer. The new message under my blog title is from this song. Now I'm listening to the Harvard Bar scene from Good Will Hunting. I swear it's solid gold. Today is February 1; let the countdown begin until my birthday, February 29. Yes, I'm a leap year baby. This year I'll actually have a birthday; it will be my 5th. That means this is my last month of being a teenager. Starting next month, I will no longer be able to blame my irresponsibilities on being a teen. Ah, youth, why must thee be so fleeting?


On : 2/1/2004 10:19:29 PM gp (www) said:

haha.. only opie is allowed to use the expression "solid gold".

sogni d'oro.

On : 2/4/2004 11:54:06 AM sara (www) said:

You won't not be a teen, you'll be a toddler.

On : 2/4/2004 3:54:13 PM prettydoc (www) said:

All right!