Saturday, February 28, 2004

Today was another threading day. I feel so clean after doing it, and it's a real confidence booster. I found out today that a bunch of my friends from school where 5 min. away from my house last night. This has left me with a huge feeling of regret that I did not ask before which restaurant they were going to. If I had asked that, I would have known they were going to be near me and we could have hung out. It's not easy to get together with my school friends because we all live so far apart from each other. And I was actually free last night; I had nothing to do! OK, I really need to stop kicking myself, but I know I would have had a blast. I guess the moral of this story is to be more nosy. :D I'm hoping another chance will come along; we'll see. I found out I got a 65 on the O Chem test. I'm really thinking of dropping this class and taking it at a community college. I don't need it for my major so I can take it anywhere. This totally bites. I missed a fun night and found out I'm stupid all in one day. Plus today's my last day as a teenager; tomorrow I turn 20. I guess the high-point of today was getting some baklava and a keyring with the Turkish evil eye (don't worry, Will, I'll show it to you). I'm heading to my regular mosque tonight; let the good times roll.

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