Sunday, February 29, 2004

Hi everybody. Today's my birthday! It is my 5th birthday, but I am turning 20 years old. I'm no longer a teenager; I'm a big girl now. I share a birthday with Antonio Sebato, Jr. (yum!) and Dennis Farina (yuk!). Nothing like a leap year birthday to make you think that God set aside a special day just for you to be born (as if that didn't sound egotistical). I celebrated with my family today by going to lunch at my favorite restaurant: Macaroni Grill. I know you're thinking, how can a chain restaurant be her favorite? Well the waiter we always have is a really nice Iranian guy, and he always makes sure everything is perfect for us at the table and in the kitchen. He makes it a special experience everytime we go and even sent us a slice of chocolate cake home for my birthday. Now I'm gearing up for Oscar watching and rooting for Shohreh Aghdashloo, the first Iranian ever nominated for an Oscar. This is such an exciting day!

On : 2/29/2004 5:08:14 PM diego (www) said:

happy b-day!

ain't nothin wrong wit Macaroni Grill. I love the Chicken Scallopine...breaded chicked w/pasta immersed in artichokes, capers and a butter based sauce. damn, i'm getting hungry just thinking about it.

On : 2/29/2004 5:18:22 PM Tiffany (www) said:

Happy day, dearest!

On : 2/29/2004 6:07:28 PM Will K (www) said:

In honor of your birthday, I would like to inform you that god did not make the Julian calender, which is to blame for this "mistake" that is your birthday. :P

Ok ok, really, happy birthday, I always wanted to have a leap year birthday,.

On : 2/29/2004 6:13:13 PM prettydoc (www) said:

Well, instead you got my sister's birthday on the Vernal Equinox, aka Persian New Year.

On : 2/29/2004 7:07:08 PM prizonerofscience (www) said:

HAPPYBIRTHDAY 2 u prizonerofmedia
hope u have fun as ur brain melts in2 pop-porridge

On : 2/29/2004 10:09:31 PM Jenny (www) said:

Happy Birthday! Hope it was fun, lucky you being 20. Enjoy every moment!

On : 2/29/2004 11:27:29 PM prettydoc (www) said:

Thank you all for your birthday wishes, even you POS (I think?). It was a nice day made brighter by your good thoughts.

On : 3/1/2004 12:05:51 AM Will K (www) said:

prisoner of media. Genius.

On : 3/1/2004 12:21:09 AM prettydoc (www) said:

You're encouraging him/her, Will.

On : 3/1/2004 11:23:48 AM prizonerofscience (www) said:

thanks 2 u 4 regarding me as the gender neutral being that i am, good 2 hear u had fun on ur birthday! yay! even if it did involve rapid acceleration of brain cell deterioration via cathode based electron radiation of questionable quality! yay! -POS