Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Here's some quotes from real guys in this month's issue of a famous magazine:

"I make a girl think I don't like her, so she feels insecure--and I have more control"

--Sam, 15, Washington, D.C.


Hot and Colder

"I'll go up to the girl and get her attention with compliments. Then, like two weeks later, I'll back off a little and start to act like I'm not interested. This gets her to try and make some moves so I come back. Then when we start dating, I'll make her feel like she's the only person in the world. But every once in a while I gotta be a little mean so she won't walk all over me and she knows what's up."

--Steven, 17, Tallahassee, FL

Friend or foe

"I always go for my best friend's girl. That way it's a challenge. I act sweet and nice by flirting with her and giving her compliments, but I work in how my best firend is a player. I say how he is so out of touch with his feelings--and I always end up getting some action."

-- Travis, 17, Kansas City, MO

Wow, unbelievable, right? If you want to read some more, lemme know. I've got plenty more of these.

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