Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Hey, y'all, how's it shakin'? I emailed my prof a draft of my Gawain paper last night, yet no response has arrived. I fear she may not accept drafts over the break. Oh Fie! I set off for work this morning and started falling apart at about 10 am. I was getting light-headed, blurry eyed, and nauseous. So while the Dr. was in w/ a patient, I snuck into the nutrition room and grabbed a Shasta. All I can say is Shasta McNasty, that hit the spot! I suddenly awoke refreshed and ready for some hard core typing about 2/6 murmurs heard at apex or MRIs revealing absolutely nothing. Yeah! As soon as I was done w/ work, I head on over to CCCC to get my teeth clean. Yes, you read that correctly; I went to Collin County Community College Central Campus in McKinney to clean my teeth. You see, my mom has a friend who's a hygienist and said that we could come in. What my mom failed to mention was that she actually teaches dental hygeine at CCCC and that students would be cleaning my teeth. Community college students. Well, suppressing the Plano snob in me I went today, and I actually enjoyed it. The learning atmosphere was great. There was a student, her teacher, my mom's friend, and a dentist all devoted to me! Didn't I feel special? Today was actually just examination for 3 hours. The most painful part was getting X-rays. The plastic biting thingies (thatz the technical term) were too big for my mouth and kept cutting my palates (hard and soft). Thursday will be the actual cleaning. The big result of today was that I found out I have to have all my wisdom teeth removed (ouch!). Now I'm on the prowl for an oral surgeon. If you know any good ones, let me know.

On : 3/9/2004 7:45:16 PM diego (www) said:

Dr. Nix pulled out all 4 of my wisdom teeth freshman year. It was quick and painless - due to the fact that I was knocked out.

The only annoying thing was that the first day I had no control over my mouth due to the anaesthesia so I had troubles drinking liquids without them spilling all over myself. oh, and i had a super sore throat too but that was cuz I got sick 2 days before my surgery.