Wednesday, March 31, 2004

I got my O Chem test back. I got a 50! Since I now have a 58 in the class, I figured it was drop time. So I met up w/ my advisor and dropped that sucker. I'm still in the lab, so that's cool. Now I just have to figure out whether I want to retake it at CCCC (6 wks) or UTD (8 wks). I got an A on my Contemporary Approach to Lit paper and an A on my Brit Authors 2 test. That made me feel smart again. Since I got As on both my Contemporary Approach to Lit papers, I'm exempt from the 3rd paper, which is a revision of 1 of the previous papers. Cool beans! So now I'm enjoying my 13 hrs and the burden that's been lifted off my shoulders. I can finally concentrate on Cell Bio and hopefully give my O Chem lab a strong finish. We have our last lab tomorrow and a lab final in 2 weeks. Plus, my Psych prof canceled our final, so I'll only have 3 final exams. WooHoo!

On : 3/31/2004 9:22:59 PM diego (www) said:

awesome. although I haven't dropped any classes my semester has taken a turn for the better the last couple of weeks too. see, maybe all that positive thinking is paying off. well, that and the fact that I started paying attention in my sci. comp. class

On : 3/31/2004 10:05:54 PM gp (www) said:

seems to be a good week in academics. i found out i can probably graduate this summer, assuming i can get into the right classes with late enrollment.

On : 3/31/2004 11:09:29 PM prettydoc (www) said:

Yay! We're all getting smarter!