Wednesday, March 31, 2004

OK, I think we all agree that George W. Bush is stupid, right? (If you don't, get the hell outta my cyberspace!) Well, I have a theory that he's been making us stupid, too. I believe it was around the time he was "elected" (or rather, sentenced to 4 years of presidential duty by the Supreme Court) that my grades starting slipping. It was a gradual process, but yes, I too, emulated my fearless leader and became stupid. Yes, Dubya, I blame you for my bad grades. Now on the eve of the end of our regime, uh I mean, first Bush administration, I feel suddenly enlightened, as if the intelligence is returning to my neurons. Will John Kerry save me from stupidity and make me smart again? Well, he's no messiah, but I guess he'll do for now.

(Ladies and gentlemen, let it be known that the prior post was very uncharacteristic of prettydoc, yet she felt inspired to satirize and now feels satisfied. We will now return to your regular scheduled pseudovoyeurism, already in progress.)

On : 4/1/2004 5:46:00 PM Tiffany (www) said:

Dubya is not my cup of tea at all, but lately, it seems as if Kerry isn't putting up much of a show either. Kerry was balking at the raise in gas prices which stem from the government refilling the reserves which Clinton used to prevent a climb, without a real emergency occurring. This is just one situation, but it's an important one in my opinion. Maybe to a certain extent Dubya, or his just his advisors, realize that gas is a non-renewable resource and we should save up on this stuff since OPEC is being a jerk and shows no signs of changing.

Maryam, I'm sorry for leaving such a long comment, but I have some thoughts about this, and I haven't been able to voice them. Kerry seems like an intelligent person, but he just seems to be pandering to whatever audience he's speaking to. I think Kerry needs to be more than a Bush-hater to win my vote.

Take care!

On : 4/1/2004 6:13:01 PM prettydoc (www) said:

Tif, I agree and you have no need to apologize. I feel like Kerry's not the leader I envision my country to have, but from day one I hated Bush. He was a lousy of governor and ran the Texas education system in the ground. He has a pattern of demolishing what his predecessors worked long and hard to build. He did it to Ann Richards and to Clinton, both people who I love and admire. I agree that Kerry needs to add more to his platform that being anti-Bush and pro-gay marriage. I'm sorry, but gay marriage only affects a small portion of the American population and has nothing to do with me. I care about education and the economy, things that Kerry has yet to address.