Friday, March 26, 2004

Hi, everybody. Today I took my English test. I learned my lesson from last time and just wrote down everything I knew about everything as quickly as possible. I hope that helped. After lunch, Diego and I were walking to class and these frat guys at the counter in Hughes-Trigg were asking us if we wanted to donate to a worthy cause. We both said, "Uhhh" and kept walking. As we turned the corner, the guy yelled out, "Yeah, y'all can keep living in the lap of luxury!" I yelled back, "You should see my house!" (Stupid comeback, I know). Then Diego and I started going on about how those guys are so stupid. You don't get people to donate by insulting them. These guys didn't have signs or anything. There are a lot of frats on campus that want you to donate to their frat, but call it a "worthy cause." I'm not against charities, just against phony fratboys. I don't need the Man keeping me down. I was like, "I'm gonna blog about this!" So I have. Well, that was anticlimactic.

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