Tuesday, March 23, 2004

So my boss for TA said that I'd only have to stay until 3 today. Somehow that turned into 5 pm! WTF! I can't handle this. I've got to write one more lab report. Then I have to study. I have an English test Friday and the big O Chem test Monday. Something interesting happened at the hospital today. One of the patients was an old woman who only spoke Spanish, so her son had to translate. Everything was going smoothly until it was time for the rectal exam. The doctor told the son what he was going to do and told him to tell his mom. Well, he didn't, even when I told him that he really did need to tell her. He just walked out of the room. So, the doctor tried to tell her to stand. He then had to pull down her underwear himself and told her he was doing "el recto." After he finished, the lady was visibly upset. I tried to be comforting to her, but I don't speak Spanish so all I could do was look sympathetic. The poor thing started crying and when we sent the son back in the room, he didn't even say anything to her. Poor thing. I must learn Spanish so that none of my patients will ever have to go through that.

On : 3/24/2004 12:33:49 PM persianguy (www) said:

[Zardieman az to, sorkhee eh to az man. That means "give me your red color and take my yellow pallor."]

Uhm, that means my "yellow is yours, your red is mine" -- in reference to the fire. Anyways, fire hopping isn't Islamic, dear... Hope you had a nice new year!

On : 3/24/2004 3:47:13 PM prettydoc (www) said:

Yeah, I know it's Zoroastrian, but the Koran doesn't say that we can't do it. I hope you had a nice new year, too, persianguy. You have a way of popping up at interesting times.

On : 3/24/2004 9:31:03 PM persianguy (www) said:

The Qur'an doesn't say you can't give oral sex to a stranger on a bus in Cancun, but neither does it make it permissible to do so. Nawroze itself is permissible to practice, but things like haftseen or fire-hopping should be ignored.

And as far as my popping up is concerned, I just got done with my finals. So I decided to drop by and see what you're upto, and as always...nothing good.

On : 3/24/2004 10:54:08 PM prettydoc (www) said:

Oh, are you on the quarter system? What school do you go to? I thought the Qur'an said that sex should only be done in the way in which children could be produced, therefore oral sex is prohibited. I may be wrong, but I seem to remember reading that. In modern Iran, the mollas allow haftseen and ateeshbazee, so I guess it's okay. I think it all comes down to your neeyat, or intention. I participate in these events out of tradition, not because I believe in Ahura Mazda as my God. I will try to make my life more interesting for you next time.

On : 3/25/2004 6:36:02 PM persianguy (www) said:

Actually, oral sex is permissible...but only to/for your spouse. The Mullahs don't let it, I think Nawroze was officially legalized for the first time this year in 25 years. And yes, I hope you do make things more interesting.

As far as my school goes....

On : 3/26/2004 3:51:41 PM prettydoc (www) said:

The government has given a Nowrooz address every year since the revolution. Khomeini and Rafsanjani did them when they were in office, and Khamanei and Khatami do them today. I've watched them give the addresses for years on the satellite feed from Iran (Jaam-e-Jam 2). They do it right after the new year begins, about 5 min. into it. First they show one of Khomeini's, then Khamanei does his live, followed by Khatami. The government has always supported the Persian calendar. When they wanted to change to an Arab calendar after the revolution, it caused such an uproar that they had to support the Persian calendar and its New Year.