Thursday, March 11, 2004

So apparently there was a mix-up at work and there was only one person scheduled to work afternoons instead of the usual 2. So, the girl working this afternoon got on my case about how she was technically covering for me. That's so not true b/c I was never on the schedule to work the PM shift. I was only scheduled to work the AM b/c I've had this dental appointment scheduled way in advance, and everybody knows about it. So my coworker hassled me, and I was like, "Whatever, I have to drive really far away right now and get tortured so I can't talk about this with you anymore." I just hope she doesn't try to make me look bad in front of the doctors when I was gone. Well, then I went to the CCCC dental hygiene place and got my teeth cleaned for real this time. All I can say is there was lots of scraping, water, and blood. It was like a warzone in there. I left with a goodie bag filled with tons of fun teeth stuff (you should see the little baby floss and the generous complimentary Listerine).

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