Saturday, March 13, 2004

I've been spending all day comparing Linton and Hareton from Wuthering Heights. I'm so tired of this. My paper has to be 1200 words and I'm up to 870 right now. I'm thinking of quitting on the body of the paper and writing up the intro and conclusion and calling it a day. I think 5 hrs of paper-writing should be sufficient, don't you agree? The party was fun last night. I got to meet a lot of my sister's friends. I have some pictures my sister took of me before the party and of the cake if y'all are interested. Who knows, I might just wind up sending them to y'all just for the heck of it. This Spring Break offered almost no relaxation for me. The best part was sleeping till 10 (yes, that's considered sleeping in for me these days. How pathetic is that!). I lost 2 days to work/dentist and 1 day to dentist/party. So I've got today and tomorrow to finish this paper and work on O Chem. I'm meeting with my new tutor on Monday, so I need to have something for her to work with. Hopefully this tutor will help me get a B in the class. On a sad note, I got a 73 on my Cell Bio test. I'm thinking of switching my Bio major to a minor and taking SMU Bio classes senior year instead of next year. I'll still take the bio classes at CCCC to up my Sci GPA, but the SMU Bio department sucks. I think I'll have better luck just dealing with Physics next year and bulking up on liberal arts classes. I'm not saying that they're easy; I just perform better in those kinds of critical thinking classes. If I do that, I may be able to pull off a 4.0 next year. That would be so sweet!

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