Monday, March 08, 2004

We be chillin at da Holiday Inn...

OK, so I've been spending today at home writing my paper on feminism in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is my spring break 2004. I'm 1/2 way done with it and have been taking my fair share of breaks to chat, eat, and watch TV. Once this paper is done I can move on to my paper on Wuthering Heights: who's better Linton or Hareton? Um, why don't they have normal names? Tonight will be a full night of TV watching. I'm gonna watch 20/20 with interviews with Johnny Depp (yum!), Clay Aiken (haven't heard from him in a while), and Oksana Baiul (wow, I don't care about her at all). Then I'll flip on over to NBC and catch Behind the Camera: The Unauthorized Story of Charlie's Angels. There's plenty of jigglin and "Farrah, Farrah, Farrah!" The Jaclyn Smith actress is a dead-ringer.

On : 3/9/2004 2:57:53 PM diego (www) said:

spring break + english paper(s) = insanity.

not that my break has been the definition of fun, but at least i'm not writing papers on Sir Gawain and whatever-mahcallit.

On : 3/9/2004 4:15:03 PM Will (www) said:

Kill your TV!

On : 3/9/2004 5:49:43 PM prettydoc (www) said:

Blasphemy! I will never part with Telly, never never!