Wednesday, May 26, 2004

After days of eating at Cafe Bellagio, Buffet, and Cafe Gelato, last night we finally got some fine dining. This was courtesy of our good friends at VIP services, who finally decided that we were worthy to eat their strawberries. So I ate their strawberries (and brownies, they got rid of the biscotti this year), and I kept y'all in mind (and the possibility of a road trip with my homies to my favorite vacation destination). Last night we had dinner at Shintaro, which is Bellagio's version of Beni Hana. First we had salad, then Miso soup. Then we had the "Symphony of Land and Sea" Teppinyaki combo, which consisted of beef tenderloin, prawns, and lobster. It was all made in front of us teppinyaki style with the knife throwing and the oil boiling. Then the chef made shrimp fried rice in front of us too and we finished dinner with chocolate mousse. It was awesome, and the food was great. I took some pictures on my digital camera, so I'll send y'all some once I figure out how to upload pics. I watched American Idol last night, and I think I'm the only person who wants Diana DeGarmo to win. She's just so much funner to me than Fantasia. Her version of "Enough is Enough" really spoke to me, while none of Fantasia's stuff left me floored. Eh, I've barely watched this season at all (which has made me an outcast among some of my friends; see there are reasons why I watch TV). Then I head down to the lounge, ate some strawberries and headed back up to watch Super Millionaire. Tonight's the last night and Millionaire is much more exciting now than it was when I was in high school. I think today we're gonna go to the Desert Passage at Aladdin, home of my favorite store FCUK. No, read it again more slowly this time...yes, isn't it hilarious? I have flip-flops from them, but maybe this will be the year when I'm brave enough to buy a shirt that says "FCUK in Sin City" or, another one of my favorites, "Arretez looking at mes boobies."

On : 5/26/2004 7:03:08 PM diego (www) said:

i was gonna buy a shirt at Willow Bend from FCUK that just said FCUK in letters on the front and my mom was like "there's no way I'm letting you buy that." bah.

On : 5/26/2004 7:40:39 PM Will (www) said:

FCUK ... I remember that from middle school. Vaguely.

On : 5/27/2004 11:47:51 AM prettydoc (www) said:

Yeah, my mom was like, oh this French Connection...I had a French Connection shirt in the 70s when they were a new company. They're not that great. I was like, Mom the shirts are funny. I'm not buying for quality here.

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