Thursday, May 20, 2004

Today was my last day of work for a month. I leave for Las Vegas tomorrow. As our flight time looms closer, the craziness grows. I'm surrounded with mounds of clothes while I help everyone decide what to bring. Since there's 5 of us going, we want to keep the luggage to a minimum. Now any of y'all who has traveled with me knows that I am the queen of minimization. I'm a very economical packer. It was always funny when I'd travel with guys because they'd have 3 suitcases and I'd just have one and they'd be like, how do you fit everything in one case? I guess it's just a gift. My trip to Vegas is the first in a long line of summer events I have lined up for the summer season of "Prettydoc's World." Unlike other forms of entertainment, I won't leave you with a big cliffhanger season finale while you sweat it out during the hot summer months waiting for the fall to end your suspense. I'm adopting FOX's example (inspired by The OC) of having a summer season. Get your pseudo-voyeuristic, I mean "reality" fix here. Incidentally, my dad helped me get the elliptical machine up and running and it's great fun. Too bad I can't use it since I'll be in Sin City. Eh, no biggie.

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