Friday, May 07, 2004

OK, final grades are in:

Cell Biology C
Organic Chemistry Lab B-
Contemporary Approaches to Literature A-
British Authors 2: Wordsworth-Yeats A
Developmental Psychology A
Term GPA: 3.369
Cumulative GPA: 3.326

No, there was no miracle on University Blvd. I made a 75 on my Cell Bio final, giving me a C in the class. That means he did not curve the class or the final at all, even though he said he was going to. As understanding as liberal arts professors are, science professors are major jerks. No matter how much you try to build a relationship with them and let them into your life, they find new ways to disappoint you. The only exceptions to that I have seen are my female science professors, who actually do care about your personal life and how that can affect your performance in the course. They actually are willing to help you out. As for the rest of my science professors, they have all been jerks. My O Chem professor last term said he would drop a test, but he didn't. My Cell Bio professor this year said that he would curve the final grades, but he didn't. Science professors are just surrounded by heaps of broken promises, dreams, and hearts. They know how powerful they are in shaping your future, but they abuse it. Because of my experience with the science departments at SMU, I will no longer be taking science courses there. I have decided to drop my Biological Sciences major. I will complete the rest of my premed requirements at UTD, and I plan to take more upper level biology courses at CCCC. But the science professors I have had (except for the 2 nice ones I mentioned above) can all go f*** themselves.

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