Sunday, May 30, 2004

So tonight's Wedding Special has special guest stars! Who'd a thunk it? After spending the day primping for the wedding, we finally shipped off. We had only eaten salad for lunch and drove to Los Colinas with visions of kabob and shirin berenj dancing in our heads. When we arrived at the wedding the band was playing. But this was not just any band, it's our special guest star: The Boyz! Now you're all thinking, who the hell are The Boyz? Well, they're one of the bands that emerged during the Persian boy band craze of 1999 and they've been able to stick around since then. Isn't that a c-razy turn of events? They were singing an eclectic mix of songs (90% Persian, 5% Arabic, 5% Spanglish). They even did Ricky Martin's Cup of Life. Of course the bride's family made a big deal about how they got celebrities to sing at their wedding. Eh, I would have made a big deal too. So we danced and then dinner was served. So first we all got salad and then everyone was geared up for the main course. It was grilled chicken breast. That's it. No kabob, no shirin berenj, no Iranian food at all. So we bought them a $300 wedding gift for this? (See I can say that because I had never seen the bride and groom before today, and I still have no idea who they are.) The guests were a little indignant about the lack of Persian food and the dry wedding cake. The Boyz's Rojeh (AKA the "cute" one) tried to cheer up the crowd by jumping onto the dance floor and dancing with some married women. Yeah, that didn't help much. Well, I'm a big dancer, but my sisters aren't so they constantly just wanted to sit down. Thus I was forced to do the same a lot of the time. We shared a table with 2 other families that we know. The families are actually both made up of an Iranian husband and American wife. They have beautiful kids. One of the family's son goes to SMU law and just finished his first year (he's the guy we saw that one day in front of Fondren library, Diego). He's gorgeous with blue eyes, black hair, and a soft breathy voice. Every girl that sees him melts, but I've known him for so long that I'm pretty immune to his charms. His sister is also very beautiful and guys were constantly asking her to dance with them. She just graduated from UT Austin. They're both great people and not into all the crazy Iranian scene here in Dallas. Incidentally, one of the wedding guests was a certain "Prince" Payam. He had a website a few years ago filled with pictures of Dallas Persians partying. The site made him something of a celebrity among the young Persians who were constantly checking his site to see if they were on it and, more importantly, to see who else was on it. It was a pretty cool time in Dallas Persian history. At the end of the reception, the band suddenly packed up to leave. The bride's dad got up and started fighting with them. See, he had hired them to play for 6 hrs and they had only played for 5. Then one of the band members yelled to him, Thanks for suing us! The band left and the bride's friends put on Shania Twain. That was our cue to get the heck out of dodge, so we bid everyone a fond farewell and went on our way.

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