Tuesday, May 04, 2004

I think I did well on the Cell Bio exam (knock on wood). I study for 14 hrs, so hopefully it paid off. Surprisingly, the questions over the old material were pretty simple, while the questions over the new stuff were considerably harder. My professor told me that if I make an 83 I'll get a B-, maybe even B. Cross your fingers! So my summer begins today. Time to get wild and crazy the prettydoc way... (no, I don't know what that means either).

On : 5/5/2004 4:51:44 PM Omair (www) said:

enjoy your summer maryam. btw, i'm on sdn now and my alias is drhaibane. i haven't posted anything yet but i will. good luck with ochem at utd. i know you'll ace it . drop me an email once in awhile while i'm travelling. i'd love to see what everyone's up to. and i'll try to post pictures as i trot across the globe