Thursday, May 27, 2004

So a big negatory on the whole FCUK thing. The only shirt I was willing to get had FC and UK with two fingers colored like the Union Jack holding a peace gesture. They had it in white and black, but only in XS. I was like, um ok I apologize for having breasts, I know it may seem unusual for women to have but they must fit into the shirt. So there went that. So the store is in the Desert Passage mall at the Aladdin, which is a MidEast themed hotel. In previous years it was filled with bellydancers, guides dressed like sheiks at each map, Arab acrobats, and Ya Habibi music. Well, yesterday I saw that they had removed those first 2 completely and replaced the Arab acrobats and music with Rastafarian acrobats and Raggae music. Um, last I checked there were no Rasfarians in the Middle East. Oh, and their "acrobatics" was break-dancing. BREAK-DANCING?! It was so crazy! I was like, stick to the theme, people. Plus the crowd they drew was nowhere near the crowd that used to come to see the real Arab acrobats and bellydancers. They still have their Hookah store and boy was it filled. My mom was like, what's a hookah and I'm like, you know mom the water pipe. She's like, "oh ghalyoon! Why didn't you say so?" I really wonder where the hookah word came from, maybe it's Arabic. Last night we went to Aqua, the seafood restaurant here. We started off with Iranian Beluga caviar served in the traditional style. It was fabulous as always. The neat thing is that the caviar Iran exports doesn't have that fishy smell which is such a signature for the Iranian caviar that's actually consumed in Iran. Iran always exports their better caviar. I don't like how Americans don't have lemon/lime with their caviar. That was always a staple in Iran. When we asked for lemon, the waiter didn't even bring it. Oh well, whatever. Then I had the Miso-glazed Chilean Sea Bass. Mmm, great stuff. Wish y'all were with me. Then I watched American Idol and saw that Fantasia won. Well, I'm happy for her. The look on her face when she won just made everybody in the room cry. Then I watched Super Millionaire, um ok so nobody the entire week won. What kind of a scam is this? Today's my last day here. My flight leaves tonight for Dallas and then I'll be caught up in getting ready for the wedding Saturday night. This morning I was the first to wake up, so I snuck down to the VIP lounge and borrowed one of their laptops to type this out while talking on my cell. I felt very high tech and executive. Yes, my Old Navy flip-flops make me feel very executive.

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