Saturday, May 22, 2004

So here I am in THE fabulous Las Vegas, NV. Bellagio has totally changed since I was last here in December. They're building a new Spa Tower, so unfortunately the spa facilities are closed. Curses, I was so looking forward to the eucalyptus steam room. It's always so nice in there. Oh, and the little pineapple juice cans that I would sip in the whirlpool. Oh, well at least now I can use the exercise center for free instead of the usual $20 fee. The exercise center is temporarily where the arcade used to be, meaning I won't get to see Dean, the gorgeous arcade manager. Curses again. The hotel is out of penthouse suites so we had to settle for 2 connected rooms. It's not too bad, that's how we did it Europe so it brings back some memories. Unfortunately, b/c we're not staying in the suites this time we didn't get VIP status, so I'll actually have to get my drinks from cafes instead of the VIP lounge and no biscotti or chocolate-covered strawberries. Triple curses. Oh, I'm sure it's better for my waistline anyway. I'm totally low carb here. No bread at all, I even had a burger last night with no bun. I'm so Atkins! Of course, I'm not going as high fat as Atkins so I'm somewhere b/t Atkins and South Beach. Anyway, the skirts are working for me and everything here is so fab. They just opened a new Dior store here and I'm dying to go check it out. Of course, I have to go to my fave Chanel boutique, plus I've got to hit the Fashion Show mall and the Forum Shops at Caesar's. David Spade's at the Mirage tonight, but we're probably not gonna go. There's enough of a show here just people watching. When we got here last night at 10 the place was crawling with pimps and hoes. Eh, what do you expect, it's Vegas baby! Oh, if you're wondering whether your multivitamin really contains what it says it does, check this site out (it was featured on CNN this morning).

On : 5/22/2004 9:20:15 PM persianguy (www) said:

Wow, great hotel. Sooooo high class of you. What is that? Didn't get VIP-status? Well sun-shine on my God damn a#%, the world is f-cking over!

Enjoy your vacation, fatty.

On : 5/23/2004 1:52:25 AM prettydoc (www) said:

You've got issues.

On : 5/23/2004 7:05:41 PM sara (www) said:

you shoulda stayed at the spot for celebrity sightings, and wicked awesome.
persianguy...khaly zetche! what's wrong, mummy & babbi never took you anywhere on vacation, hater.

On : 5/23/2004 7:54:13 PM (www) said:

You know, lol, I love it when people (especially Persians) try to be so high class -- it's funny as hell. The need for social acceptance, keep trying to dawn that "VIP status" crap. It really does shows who is/was who back in Tehran joonum. ;)

Sarah, khaly zetche? Zetche? What is that German?

On : 5/24/2004 2:08:29 AM prettydoc (www) said:

Yay, Sara saved the day! Yeah, the Palms is great for Britney sightings. I think it's funny when someone is just saying the facts and it gets construed as if they're trying to be rude and snobby. I'm sorry if you're surrounded by people who do that, pg, but I think you've read enough of my blog to know that that's not my style. Tell it like it is, that's my motto. Sara, we need to see more of you. You always have good things to say.

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