Monday, May 24, 2004

Things are going well here. I saw something interesting today. At Cafe Gelato, one of the clerks was training another so we had 2 guys serving us. On all the employees tags, they have their names and places of origin. The trainee was from Armenia and his trainer was Alejandro from Mexicali. He was pretty cute, but the thing that caught my eye was Mexicali. So I'm walking back to the elevator thinking "Where's Mexicali?" when my sister and I come to the conclusion that it's a combo of Mexico and California, like how we say Tex-Mex in Texas. Let me know if any of y'all can shed light on this. I didn't get to go the Monet exhibit today, but hopefully I'll get to go before we have to go home. Binion's is having the Poker World Series and Tobey Maguire and Norm McDonald are there. Why can't they have this stuff at Bellagio? Well, at the Las Vegas Convention Center tomorrow they're having a jewelry convention. I really want to go check it out (free samples!). Apparently this is a big deal convention because all the rooms in Vegas are getting booked up. You know me, I go where the hype takes me. I went to the Buffet for lunch and I was very good about being low-carb (really, all I ate was meat and veggies). But then I saw my biggest weakness: creme caramel. My dad used to own a restaurant where they served creme caramel. Everytime I went there I would eat fetaccine alfredo and creme caramel. Ever since I was in 4th grade and had my first taste I promised myself that whenever creme caramel was available I would eat it. So I had to. You don't understand how good it was. Mmmm...If you've never had it find yourself a French place and eat some. Or you can have flan, I, go for the creme caramel.

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