Wednesday, May 12, 2004

I went to Tinseltown today to see Laws of Attraction and guess who I saw...Diego on the big screen! Congrats, Diego, you're famous! My mom was like, poor guy, it says he's a CCCC student when he really goes to SMU. He must be ashamed. I was like, hello he's on the cinema screen. I'd be freakin out. So anyway, mad props to you homie. Laws of Attraction was good, and I really identified with Julianne Moore's character Audrey Woods, with her strengths and her weaknesses. It was kind of neat. Plus I just love Pierce Brosnan, mmm yumsters! Anywho, I kind of got a little upset with my mom today about something she said. Of course, I never let on that I was. Me, communicate my feelings? She was judging somebody that I know and it was bothering me. Then she went on and on about how great it was that Julianne Moore's character didn't think about men until she had a successful career and how it's great that I'm the same way. I don't know, sometimes I just wish I could live like other kids around me. I'm lucky in so many ways, but then I see how much fun everyone else is having and I feel like I'm missing out on something. I'm constantly in a state of resistance, pushing out my desires and replacing them with other things. Maybe that's why I relate to the Victorians so much: I live like them.

On : 5/12/2004 8:39:06 PM Jenny (www) said:

i saw d-lo on the big screen the other day when i saw mean girls. one of the girls a few rows in front of me started giggling and saying how cute he was! i wanted to say i knew him but i decided not to. in retrospect i should have, how often does a girl get to boast about knowing the guy on the screen personally!

On : 5/13/2004 11:40:38 AM Tiffany (www) said:

Wow...ashamed is a really strong word.

On : 5/13/2004 1:21:30 PM diego (www) said: girls are killing me. of course you should've told those girls you know me. hell, you shoulda given them my number. ah well...

On : 5/13/2004 3:32:49 PM Jenny (www) said:

they were maybe 15 diego! that and i dont actually have your number! lol, i'll remember that next time though.

On : 5/13/2004 8:32:55 PM diego (www) said:

oh great 0-for-15, even better !!!

On : 5/14/2004 1:38:56 AM prettydoc (www) said:

Um, I think she means they were 15 yrs old. Diego, the position of commuter pedophile has already been filled.

On : 5/14/2004 12:43:46 PM diego (www) said:

aaah. pardon my lack of knowledge of the english language.

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