Monday, May 10, 2004

Wow, Blogger had a makeover! So I never got around to seeing a movie this weekend (I still don't know why). I spent last night introducing my mom to the wonderful world of Schoolhouse Rock. She's trying to improve her English and writing so we went through Grammar rock and she loved it! It was very helpful to her. She also loved the book I got her for Mother's Day and immediately starting looking through the pictures. It was amazing how with each picture she had a memory attached. Each event in Farah's life ran parallel to my mother's in such a special way. It was tres cool. I had a 2 hr workout today. If I'm not svelte yet...i don't know how to finish this sentence. I just wanted to say "svelte." I want to read a lot of books. I need to get caught up in the Alias book series (I'm up to book 8), read the DaVinci Code, and read that Mary book I talked about last time. Plus I want to read the stuff in the British anthology that wasn't assigned during my course. Ah, reading for pleasure, has it really been 5 months?

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